Community Education: It Really Is for Everyone

Community Education class

So what are you curious about? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make cheese? Do you think it would be fun to practice tai chi? Maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a trip to Europe but are nervous to go alone. Look no further! You can do this and more right here … Read more

Preschool: Preparing for an Academic Future

Preschooler reading

Preschool, the precursor for the big step into kindergarten, is another important decision parents make among the multitudes of decisions along their child’s educational pathway. St. Cloud Area School District helps make the decision easy and the process seamless. Studies show that preschool has a big impact on preparing children for kindergarten as well as … Read more

Shining a Spotlight on Alternative Learning

Mike in front of his wall of MAAP STARS.

Walking into the classroom of Mike Myers-Schleif, social studies teacher at McKinley-ALC,  you’re greeted with a bright welcoming smile. His classroom is decorated with historical figures such as Nelson Mandela. However, two walls are decorated with photos of students. One wall consists of students that have graduated and have kept in touch with him throughout … Read more

People Are Now Calling Me an Artist

Paige Philippi

McKinley-ALC Principal Al Johnson loves to tell the story of how he discovered Paige Philippi as an artist in his midst. “I’m big on holding students accountable for their actions,” Johnson begins. I’ve got about 26 or so cameras that monitor our schools, but I also have a camera that monitors our bus stop. Students, … Read more

Overhaulin’: Tech Style

Forbes cutting the front fender.

This version of “Overhaulin’” won’t be finished in the crunched time period of a one-hour episode on TV. Instead, the overhauling of a 1951 Ford truck will be done over the course of three years. Technical High School’s newly formed Auto Club will be reducing the old ’51 truck to nothing but the frame before … Read more