Students Empowering Students

It was almost a year in the making. Nearly 100 students came together to attend the first-ever Student Empowered Conference, a conference created by St. Cloud area teachers as a way for students to teach and learn from each other. The idea of a student-led┬áconference came from an organically organized group of teachers from area … Read more

Mentors and Partners Shape Student Success

Huff speaks to Riley about her remarkable characteristics.

The path to a successful future is rarely defined by one narrow road but instead includes many, perhaps even a few detours. Along the way, we sometimes look back on our lives and ask, “What really shaped me? What had an impact in my life?” For Dr. Sylvia Huff, director of research, assessments and grants … Read more

Co-Teaching: A Path to Student Success

Mary Peters and Emma Olesen co-teaching in the classroom.

Students in Mary Peters’ third-grade class are learning math patterns and eagerly raising their hands to identify them reflected on the smart board at Discovery Community School. Next walks in co-teacher, Emma Olesen, and the lesson switches to language arts. Co-teachers Mary Peters and Emma Olesen sit in front of the class to gear up … Read more

Making a Difference in Haiti

Stroot with Haitian students.

One of the key qualities of being a National Honor Society member is community involvement. For Apollo High School’s Cole Stroot and Olivia Skudlarek, there is no shortage of caring and heart for those in need. Stroot’s family has been connected with Haitians for many years. His family sponsored two children several years ago, and … Read more

Writing Partners Become Friends

St. Cloud and Annandale fifth-grade students.

“Let’s find our partners!” calls out┬áDiscovery Community School fifth-grade teacher, Pamela Holubetz. The day has finally come when they get to meet their writing partners from Annandale face-to-face. Fifth-grade students from both schools have been working together in Google Presentations on a “get to know you” project since the beginning of the school year. The … Read more